One may ask “why another mission?” Why C.O.M.E International?


Perhaps there are a number of legitimate Christ honoring answers to such a question. For example “The Great commission of our Great God calling us to His great work of world missions and evangelism etc. Many good reasons make up this answer, but let me give two basic tents of C.O.M.E. International.

First, Sadhu Sunder Singh once said “Sometimes young Indians say that they do not want missionaries coming from the west, but that is a mistake. The Sadhu thinks that the missionaries from the west who come to India keep alive the church at home. If the west did not send missionaries, very soon their churches would become dead like the Dead Sea. So we shall welcome the missionaries for the sake of keeping Christianity alive in the west.


COME International believes that there are great and wonderful blessings that missions bring to other people, but we believe God uses missions as a holy catalyst to keep the church itself alive at home.


Missions enliven the Church! Especially it is true in a culture where so much of what we do is for “self”. Mission has a way of delivering us from a self centered and self serving church. Primarily however it is our vision that COME International is a ministry of faith that will be a witness to the reality of God Himself: a revelation of God that will cause men to trust God. Yes we are concerned for example, about the orphans in India but the first primary object of all our work will be that God might be magnified by the fact that these orphans and any work of COME International is provided for by God Himself. Yes, COME International seeks to set before the church and a watching world that “Faith in God” is realty and as such is a witness will encourage others to put their faith in God.


Come join with us in an enliven adventure that will magnify our Lord and encourage faith in Him.


Rev. Earl Saxon