Nursery Volunteers


S School

Lee Bacino &*

††††††††††††††††††††††††† Worship

Shanna Bacino & Navin Jeremiadoss

Next Week:

S School

Lee Bacino &*



Shanna Bacino & Ramola Thangiah

* indicates that we need volunteers



          Church Directory & Data Base: We are in the process of creating a church directory and a data base. Please fill in the membersí profile sheet/ visitor cards available at the Command Center or Ushers.

          Nursery:: Nursery is provided for children birth to 4 years old. If you would like to volunteer to help with nursery please call Pastor Earl..


Automated Calling Church Announcements

We will be using an automated calling system to make Church announcements as and when possible/ necessary. Please leave your most active phone numbers with Pastor Jerry or Shanna Bacino


Volunteers Schedule


Youth Ministry: Robert Stewart



Adult Sunday School: Rev. Earl Saxon


Children Sunday School: Judy Saxon & Ramola Thangiah


Church Ushers


Tracy Davis,Bob Paradise, Charles Evans& Robert Stewart (Visitors Table)

Next Week:

Robert Stewart,Bob Paradise, Tracy Davis& Charles Evans (Visitors Table)



He-brew Ministry :

Charles Evans*



We Thank the Church set up Team members of this week for their dedicated work.