Hebron International Baptist Church

What to do for your pastors


Build their Spiritual Power by praying for them

Build their Reputation by speaking well of them

Build their Morale by encouraging them

Build their Leadership by cooperating with them

Build their Pulpit power by coming to hear them


Sunday:                Prayer                                   9:00 AM @  GAP” Room

                            Sunday School                   9:30 AM

                             Worship Service                    10:30 AM


Communion Service every 1st  Sunday in the morning worship

Prayer Fellowships Wednesday 7:00 PM


Hebron International Baptist Church

P.O. Box 1156 Waynesboro GA 30830                                                            Church/ Pastor’s Cell Phones: (706) 836 0057 / (706) 833 5667

Web site: www.comeinternational.com

E- mail your prayer requests& announcements to hebronchurchmail@aol.com