Study on Jude


(Build up your faith)


Author:  Jude the brother of James and the half brother of Jesus Christ

Date: around AD 80

Written to: The Church


Teachings in Jude:


  1. Warning against False Teachers.


1.   Examples of Apostates (5-7)                           

    1. Unbelieving Israel
    2. Angels who fell
    3. Sodom and Gomorrah
  1. Description of the Apostates (8-16)

a.       Their slanderous speech

b.      Their characters portrayed

c.       Their destruction prophesied


B.    Encouragement to believers

    1. Exhortation ( 17-23)
    2. Doxology (24-25)       



Christian principle: Building up in faith and prayer.


Life application:


  1. What comes to your mind first when you hear that Jude is a real brother of Christ? Why?
  2. What are the things that can make a church go after “False Teachers”?
  3. In light of the warnings in Jude, what hope do you find in Verses 24-25?
  4. How would you connect the pictures below to Verse 11? Write one name in each of the squares that you find in verse 11 connected with the pictures.








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